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FROMCORDOBAThe past 17 of January of 2012 our Center attended the Tables Colloquy: “The Exportadora Company before the Crisis” that I am realised in the Society of Development (Sopedo) of Genil Bridge where they took part: Don Esteban Morales (Mayor of Puene Genil); Doña Carmen Prieto (Delegated of Economy, Innovation and Science of the Meeting of Andalusia); and Don Agustín Rodriguez (President of the Fromcordoba Association).

Whose objective is the product export towards other countries.

High Level Education, not only realises teaching of courses at national level but it is trying to export his own formation to the foreigner.


Commercial mission PolandThe delegate of Economic Development of the Delegation of Cordoba, Esteban Morales, has received to the members of the provincial Association for export and economic development of Córdoba (FROMCÓRDOBA), whose main objective is to foment whichever activities contribute to harness the social and economic development of the province.

FROMCÓRDOBA is born within the framework from the Commercial Mission to Poland, since the partners founders of this association participated in this initiative developed by the provincial institution in 2009.

With this initiative it is tried, in addition, to promote the actions necessary to secure the promotion of Cordovan products in the international market, as well as to foment his export, being improved therefore the competitiveness of his associates and their fortification and sustainability with the opening of new national and international markets, all of that are possible with the help of online marketing and a website that we created with cheapest dedicated server but have a great performance.

The provincial Association for the export and economic development of Cordoba also looks for to establish services of permanent character for the common interest of its associates, such as formation, information, consultancy, consultant's office, management, economic, commercial or labor studies.

In the same way, they are committed to advise and to inform to the different administrations from those situations that affect to the economy of the companies, realising the adapted information and proposals.

Finally, the FROMCÓRDOBA statutes emphasize their function of management and procedure of all type of help and subsidys related to the aims of the association.


Presentation Course 15 xs 15A year, another edition of the Course is summoned more 15x15 and our Center, High Level Education, are lost no the opportunity to be present, since it is a unique course of flag and in Spain.

The Course 15x15, lasts of 15 days with 15 businessmen leaders where the experience of these businessmen of success puts to the service of the learning of 25 managers in fifteen days of reflaxión and exchange of information.

It enters the rapporteurs of this edition we can mention Antonio Catalán (president of AC Hotels), Javier Campos (president of Zena Group), Francisco Pons (president of Importaco), Pedro López (Chocolate general director Value), Juan Roig (president of Mercadona), Manuel Palma (president of Group Palma), Josep Terradellas (president of Tarradellas Group), among others.


The Director of our Center, Mª Florentina Sánchez González, inagura the Congress and represents the organization of CEMPE ANDALUSIA. This Congress of Discounted Continuous Formation is most important, as is the National Congress of the Discounted Continuous Formation of AENOA, that took place days 24 and 25 of February of 2010 in Madrid the Congressmen are coordinating Heads and of the Area of Formation of the Departments of Human Resources of the companies, people in charge of the commercial area, the implantation of the management system, computer science application of the Tripartite Foundation and documentation of the courses of Continuous Formation, technicians of formation, training unit commanders and coordinators of courses, and other professionals of the sector of the continuous formation.

Third Congress


Commercial mission KrakowHeaded by CEMPE-A, this Mission will be composed by group of 50 businessmen and independent Cordovans, between that is Mª Florentina Sánchez González (Director Center High Level Education), that will be accompanied by an ample institutional representation, whose in front president of the Delegation and Córdoba and members of local aministraciones of the province will go. Since this is a very important information which we would like more people to know, we are using best cheap vps hosting plan that has been helping us. It is also providing us with PHP, Java, so it is very helpful and useful unlimited bandwidth hosting.

Date: 6 - 10 of 2009 July

Place: Krakow (Poland)