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Mª Florentina Sánchez González
Mª Florentina Sánchez González,
Director of High Level Education

Our companies mainly are dedicated to the Formation from year 1991 counting on two Centers accredited by the Council of Use and Technological Development of the Meeting of Andalusia with census 22/44 Codes 23,920 and 43.003. 

We count as much on the Homologations by the Labor Foundation of the Construction for the teaching of the courses for the obtaining of the TPC in construction as in the sector of the Metal due to the signed agreement.

We count on Homologations by Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing for the expedition of the card of Manipulator of Fotosanitarios (pesticides) Basic and Qualified. Codes: HC-0292280 and HC-0291279.

Our Centers are: Center of Formation Style and Color in C/Ruiz Muñoz, 10 and Center of Formation Decuma in Avenue of the Delegation, 61 both located in Palm of the River. We count on 6 classrooms of theoretics totally equipped with audio-visual, tube of video, overhead projector, classroom of computer science with 15 computers and 3 offices for coordination and direction.

We have realised agreements of collaboration with ours with CIFA (Agrarian Formation and Research center) of Palm of Río and UPA-Andalusia.

Having experience in the teaching of courses of Prevention of Labor Risks. Actual and Distancia, of FPO for unemployed generally. FORCEM for Deprived workers and in different sectors: Generic and specific in:

  • Construction,  
  • Commerce,
  • The hotel trade,
  • Feeding,
  • Manipulated of foods,
  • Hairdressing salon,
  • Metal,
  • Wood,
  • Agriculture,
  • Offices and Offices etc.


We have dedicated to Continuous Formation of Supply and Demand realising our own Projects of Formation. Forintel plans and to a great extent to the Continuous Formation of the workers, independent and General, agricultural Regime with very different formative actions. Throughout the time spent to the Formation we have worked with contracts of collaboration with the UGT. CCOO. UPTA. LIBER FORMATION. INITIATIVE. UPA. ACES, FEANSAL and Others.

And from 2004 we dedicated ourselves to the Discounted Continuous Formation.

We have a platform online to the teaching of all our courses. We invited to you to know our webpage and to enter the platform.