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View a PDF Report Card:
Click here to view a pdf report card created from the SchoolMation system.
The report card system is very flexible. Assessment descriptors can be added to any course by the course teacher. In this report you will see different teachers using different descriptors. Comments can be added or not. PDF reports can be created for a single student, a class, a grade or the whole school at once.
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Online Demo is here

  • Version 2.3 (pdf and transcript version) of SchoolMation is now online and available for you to evaluate. A demonstration of the transcript system will be available soon

  • The passwords to enter it are
    Student Section
    userid = student
    password = car
    Teacher Section
    userid = teacher
    password = bus
    Administrator Section
    userid = admin
    password = train
    Manager Section
    userid = manager
    password = ship

  • New features that have been added to the latest 2.3 version

    • Ability to search for most things by dates.

    • Ability for manager to configure dates for terms.

    • Quick date search system added by clicking on the term you want to search within.

    • Configurable search levels for the teacher section. i.e restrict searches to either only students, students and teachers or students, teachers and administrators.

    • Greatly enhanced Student section. Standardized tests, Activities,Awards, Grades and Attendance added to the area.

    • Searching grades now averages the percentage results. - you can use this to find average marks of students during a term.

    • Graphs now work using the date search information

    • Financial system added that has the abilty to compute total amount paid and owed by a search group. The financial system also has the ability to print pdf invoices.

    • Tutorials or instructions added for teachers and students to course delivery system. Enrol students or teachers in these courses and instructions on using SchoolMation can be found through the organiser course section of SchoolMation

    • Tutorials for administrators and managers coming soon.

  • New features that were added to the 2.2 version.

    • This new version includes a number of practical enhancements that schools have requested. Report cards and schedules can now be saved directly as Adobe PDF documents, via a standard web-browser, for ease of printing and electronic archival. Users will no longer have to print report cards and schedules individually using their browser’s print functionality. There is a new option for combining all of a student’s course report cards into a single report card document, which many schools have asked for.

    • Schools can better customize/configure report cards by: selecting descriptors, modifying field names, uploading custom header graphics, supplying footer text, creating report templates, assigning templates to grade-levels, and more. Each grade level can have a different report card if necessary.

    • There is a new more efficient master schedule configuration tool that allows administrators to work with the master schedule one period at a time or, as in the past, as a complete schedule overview

    • Within the attendance and discipline sections, schools can now configure their own reporting codes to better integrate SchoolMation with current reporting standards. There are a number of changes in this new version that make it easier for schools to configure SchoolMation to meet local,state and national data reporting requirements.

    • Information can be exported and imported via new configurable interfaces that create/read standard XML files. We have also updated a number of other SchoolMation standard features to make them more efficient for our users.

    • A schedule checker has also been added to SchoolMation. This does not create schedules but it does check schedules entered into SchoolMation and can detect any clashes that might occur. It will report on what it finds with a list of clashes and the day and period that they occurred for every student that is assigned to courses.

  • The demonstration is set up to allow full access so please do not delete everything so as the next user is inconvenienced.

  • Enter the Demonstration

Information Point  Empowerment - SchoolMation gives users immediate access to the information they need, when they need it

New version of SchoolMation released!

A new version of SchoolMation has been released. It has many new features please refer to the change log file and look for version 2.3. It now has very useful date search functions than can be easily configured to match the term or semester dates in your school. This makes it quick and easy only to retrieve that data that is relevant to a particular period. Financial System also added.

SchoolMation 2.3 released 5-14-2005: BUY IT NOW

Click HERE to access the SchoolMation version 2.3 Online Demonstration

Current customers, please use your username and password in the "SM Users (Login)" section to keep up to date with FREE SchoolMation updates & user news

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