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Latest NEWS Updates:
View a PDF Report Card:
Click here to view a pdf report card created from the SchoolMation system.
The report card system is very flexible. Assessment descriptors can be added to any course by the course teacher. In this report you will see different teachers using different descriptors. Comments can be added or not. PDF reports can be created for a single student, a class, a grade or the whole school at once.
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Change Log

SchoolMation Version 2.0

  • PDF ability added that allows the printing of all in one report cards and printing of schedules

  • Interface changed to the green look

  • Searching changed to be mainly by course instead of personal details

  • Internal messages system added

  • New template system added to allow all in one report cards. Report card templates are now tied to grades and not courses.

  • Ability to upload custom design headers (standard jpg) to create a custom school header on all report cards

  • Discipline record system added

  • XML download system added

  • Grade loading system added. This is entered through the course section by a course teacher

  • Grade calculator added that incorporates the grade loadings and can be used during report card creation. It does not automatically enter the grades on to the report cards.

  • System encoded

SchoolMation Version 2.1

  • Fixed found lists that would not resort

  • Fixed issue of wrong link in some resort sections

  • Added Standardized tests to system

  • Added Awards to system

  • Added Activities to system

SchoolMation Version 2.2

  • Transcript export system added to allow export to the new transcript system

  • Reset SchoolMation option added at the end of an export to the transcript. This resets SchoolMation to mainly blank except all users are retained , all course data entered by teachers etc is retained and all students are incremented one grade in the system

  • Problem with more than one attendance record for a student in a period on one day being entered is fixed.

  • Once a whole day absence is entered further absences on that day are now resisted

  • If period absences for student on a particular day have been entered and then a whole day absence is entered at the end of the day the system warns of the other entries and provides a simple way to delete them

  • Report card system changed to allow individual assessment descriptors to be entered by the teacher through the course section. Teachers can enter up to ten assessment descriptors

  • New searching systems added to attendance, grades and discipline that allow searching the table directly. ie. Ability to search for particular absence reasons, particular discipline infractions etc

  • PDF report card system changed to fix issue of sometimes running over the end of the page when long comments were entered

  • Credits can now be added to courses through the course section

  • Language translation system greatly enhanced to allow an interface within SchoolMation for creating translations. This system can write out language translation files to the file system and can update them when needed.

SchoolMation Version 2.3

  • Ability to search for most things by dates.

  • Ability for manager to configure dates for terms.

  • Quick date search system added by clicking on the term you want to search within.

  • Configurable search levels for the teacher section. i.e restrict searches to either only students, students and teachers or students, teachers and administrators.

  • Greatly enhanced Student section. Standardized tests, Activities,Awards, Grades and Attendance added to the area.

  • Searching grades now averages the percentage results. - you can use this to find average marks of students during a term.

  • Graphs now work using the date search information

  • Financial system added that has the abilty to compute total amount paid and owed by a search group. The financial system also has the ability to print pdf invoices.

  • Tutorials or instructions added for teachers and students to course delivery system. Enrol students or teachers in these courses and instructions on using SchoolMation can be found through the organiser course section of SchoolMation

  • Tutorials for administrators and managers coming soon.

Transcript System 1.0

  • PDF transcript creation system.

  • Many different reports can be created such as a standard transcript with appearing years being selected plus the ability to add standardized tests, awards ,activities and credits.

  • A general information transcript can also be created with the option of attaching standardized tests, awards and activities

  • A separate standardized tests, awards and activities transcript can be created

  • Standardized tests, Awards and Activities can be searched in the transcript system

  • Grades for all courses over all years of attendance can be viewed from the transcript system

  • Ability to upload custom design headers (standard jpg) to create a custom school header on all transcripts

  • Viewing of attendance and discipline within the transcript system.

Transcript System 1.1

  • Ability to configure GPA points scale. i.e A = 4, A- = 3.7,B+ = 3.3,B = 3 etc

  • Abilty to choose between using the above sliding scale or use the GPA points attached to courses that are exported from SchoolMation. Using points exported from SchoolMation allows teachers to set the GPA score for their course in the course section of SchoolMation

  • Attendance and Discipline searches finally added

  • Financial information is now also exported to the transcript system.

  • Financial searching added to the transcript system.

  • Grade transcripts (pdf) now only print the details for years that the system finds grades for. If you choose to print grades transcript from 1-12 and the student was only in the school from grade 7 - 10 then only those grades will be shown on the transcript.

Information Point  Identity - There is no anonymity; users log in as themselves

New version of SchoolMation released!

A new version of SchoolMation has been released. It has many new features please refer to the change log file and look for version 2.3. It now has very useful date search functions than can be easily configured to match the term or semester dates in your school. This makes it quick and easy only to retrieve that data that is relevant to a particular period. Financial System also added.

SchoolMation 2.3 released 5-14-2005: BUY IT NOW

Click HERE to access the SchoolMation version 2.3 Online Demonstration

Current customers, please use your username and password in the "SM Users (Login)" section to keep up to date with FREE SchoolMation updates & user news

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