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Latest NEWS Updates:
View a PDF Report Card:
Click here to view a pdf report card created from the SchoolMation system.
The report card system is very flexible. Assessment descriptors can be added to any course by the course teacher. In this report you will see different teachers using different descriptors. Comments can be added or not. PDF reports can be created for a single student, a class, a grade or the whole school at once.
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The SchoolMation interface is entirely web browser based. All users
(explained above) login using a generic login form. They must provide
a username and password. Depending on their user group status, access
privileges are automatically assigned and authenticated users are
presented with an acceptable use policy and permitted to proceed to
the main navigation menu of the SchoolMation solution.

Access to SchoolMation is limited -- open to students, teachers,
administrators and optionally parents of a given school or district.
Although no environment that allows web-based access is completely
safe, the combination of proper user authentication, known identity,
teacher/parent mediation and total access to user data by school
administrators provides an environment of responsibility and

The SchoolMation main navigation menu is divided into four (4)
sections (manager, administrator, teacher, student/parent) that
correspond to the four user groups described above. Within each
section, facility buttons appear at the bottom of the screen and are
used to navigate SchoolMation's numerous features.

Understanding the use of a standard search form (described below) is
a key component to successfully using the various facilities within
SchoolMation. Basically, before you can perform a function associated
with the facilities, you must locate the student(s) that you wish to
add/modify/delete information for. This is done by selecting search
criteria and performing a search of the database.

Search results are normally displayed in the form of student names in
the left hand frame of the main screen. Clicking on a student name
will allow appropriate users to add/modify/delete information for
that student. The type of information that can be
added/modified/deleted is related to the original section a user is
in prior to performing a search. For example, if you are a teacher in
the attendance section, you will be able to add/modify/delete
"attendance" data for found students after you complete the search.
The same search initiated in the "grade book" section will allow a
teacher to add/modify/delete student grade data. The search form is
purposefully kept consistent throughout the various sections of
SchoolMation so as users can transfer their knowledge from one part
to another.

If a user attempts to enter a section that they do not have proper
authentication to enter, they will be allowed into the section but
will not be allowed to use any of the available facilities in that
section. If they attempt to use a facility, a message will appear
reminding the user that they do not have permission to access this

Information Point  Curriculum Integration - SchoolMation enables teachers to enrich any subject by integrating creativity and collaboration through technology

New version of SchoolMation released!

A new version of SchoolMation has been released. It has many new features please refer to the change log file and look for version 2.3. It now has very useful date search functions than can be easily configured to match the term or semester dates in your school. This makes it quick and easy only to retrieve that data that is relevant to a particular period. Financial System also added.

SchoolMation 2.3 released 5-14-2005: BUY IT NOW

Click HERE to access the SchoolMation version 2.3 Online Demonstration

Current customers, please use your username and password in the "SM Users (Login)" section to keep up to date with FREE SchoolMation updates & user news

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