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  Product: : SchoolMation Version 2.2

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View a PDF Report Card:
Click here to view a pdf report card created from the SchoolMation system.
The report card system is very flexible. Assessment descriptors can be added to any course by the course teacher. In this report you will see different teachers using different descriptors. Comments can be added or not. PDF reports can be created for a single student, a class, a grade or the whole school at once.
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Product: : SchoolMation Version 2.2

SchoolMation Version 2.2

Pricing Information For SchoolMation

The current price of SchoolMation is AUD$450 (Australian Dollars. This is approximately US$330 - 340

The current price for the SchoolMation Transcript system is AUD$250 (Australian Dollars). This is approximately US$180 - 200 (US Dollars)

Purchasing System

You can purchase SchoolMation online immediately by using our secure order form. The transcript system must be ordered through us separately and is only sold to owners of SchoolMation.

If you would rather you can pay for your new version of SchoolMation by invoice. This is in fact our prefered system of payment. Please contact
If you choose the invoice payment option we will supply you with a timeout version while payment is being arranged.

When you purchase SchoolMation you will receive a time out version of the software that is fully functional except that it will timeout in a few months. You can get started immediately. We will then send you a pdf invoice by email that you can print out and then we will expect a receipt of purchase from you before we send the permanent software. This receipt of purchase must be properly signed by the person whose name is on the credit card used to purchase the software online.

SchoolMation was an Open Source product but has ceased to be unfortunately because of abuse of the GPL license. We are not happy about this but are forced to do it. If you have purchased SchoolMation and are a coder and would like to make adjustments or enhancements in certain places please apply to us and we will release certain pieces of the code. We will not be able to release any section but certain sections are available on application. Please check with us before you purchase.

WARNING -- The timeout version you will get on purchase is fully encoded and will be useless to you if you are a coder or developer of SIS systems looking for open code.

Purchase SchoolMation Here

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New version of SchoolMation released!

A new version of SchoolMation has been released. It has many new features please refer to the change log file and look for version 2.3. It now has very useful date search functions than can be easily configured to match the term or semester dates in your school. This makes it quick and easy only to retrieve that data that is relevant to a particular period. Financial System also added.

SchoolMation 2.3 released 5-14-2005: BUY IT NOW

Click HERE to access the SchoolMation version 2.3 Online Demonstration

Current customers, please use your username and password in the "SM Users (Login)" section to keep up to date with FREE SchoolMation updates & user news

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