grouping miembrode



  • Information and study of formative needs, customized courses, preparation of didactic materials of practices and, to cover the formative needs being adapted us to the personnel with the company, students, and their respective schedules.
  • Asesosamiento integrated in dodo related to the company and workers, the studies of viabilities of resolution of conflicts derived from the work.
  • Requests of Scholarships
  • Financing managed by adhered financial organizations.
  • Actual formation in the work place
  • Semi-actual formation (online or it distances and actual)
  • Formation Distance (nonactual attended with tutor)
  • Formation Online (with or without tutor)



We will foment the motivation and participation in the formative programs so that the student interacts with the formation, the professor, his companions and contributing to his creativity and work to share the set yet. For it we provided the necessary tools to him and we animated to its accomplishment as: chat, forum, etc…



  • We will maintain informado/of a all the events and the present time to you in referring the formative and legislative subjects to the formation, maintaining the contact with compañeros/as or formative groups.
  • We have employment agency